Exceptional Families is the foundation that houses Exceptional Sports, a program that focuses on sport development for exceptional children. Based in Manila, Philippines. Exceptional Sports supportive and inclusive environment.

Exceptional Sports puts the safety and trust of the children as its primary priority. Each session is filled with fun activities and therapeutic drills.

The volunteer-to-child ratio at any event is typically 1:1. Through the program each individual involved becomes a catalyst for change.


Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc.

Congratulations Exceptional Sports Philippines for a successful 1st season! Our sincere appreciation goes to Paolo Enrile for initiating this program! Thank you for giving the children members of the Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. the opportunity to engage in different sports activities. The monthly sessions we had with E-sports, helped our kids develop their motor skills and increase their self-esteem. Thanks to you and the whole team for your selfless commitment to help children with special needs improve their quality of life. Congratulations and we look forward to the 2nd season!

Carlos Pips Riziko (Volunteer)

E-Sports changed my life! I became more compassionate with these exceptional kids on a deeper sense since I've learned more about their challenges in life. After my 1st volunteer experience last May 2017, it was a 180 degree turn of my life. I can't help but to volunteer again and again. Playing with e-kids is a life-giving moment for me. The hugs, the tickling game, the frog jump race and my fave part was the rolling on the ground race. The e-kids loved it! So do I. So yeah! You may call me an "advocate" of exceptional kids. Been praying to the Lord to pave the way for me to see my purpose and He didn't fail me. E-Sports is an answered prayer for me. Thanks be to GOD!

Franco Mabanta

Franco Mabanta (Volunteer)

Was paired with a 10-year-old named Leo yesterday and he began the afternoon exceedingly grumpy. He was snappish and irritable and looked as though he hated that he was at our event and would rather be home in front of his PlayStation. For the first time since joining E-SPORTS a year ago, I had no idea what to do. Then I noticed a few things...he couldn't make eye contact, he didn't like it when any of the coaches would hold his hand, he couldn't focus. So, I looked for his mom, introduced myself, and asked her which mental disability he had. Afterwards all I had to do was say these four words to Leo and everything changed: "I have ADHD too." Boom...breakthrough! Almost instantly he started smiling and joking around with me, he'd hold my hand wherever I went, he'd help me lead the other kids, and even made a special handshake ala LeBron every time he'd make a shot in our basketball drills. It felt like magic.


Isabel Monasterio (Volunteer)

When I was first invited to Exceptional Sports, I was excited to try it out since it was something new to me. I have never heard of an organization that focuses on sport programs to engage kids with special needs and disabilities with aspiring volunteers like me.

My expectation and belief when I first joined was that I am the one helping, teaching, or sharing. The more I spend time with the kids, and the more I interact with them, the more I realize that it was really them who have taught, helped, and even inspired me to grow and learn. It is finding joy in the most trivial of things, and being fully present and content in the now. I will forever be grateful to the organization for providing a venue for these special children to express themselves, and be treated “normally” by letting them enjoy sports and different activities that are beneficial for their well being. Little did I know, the kids of E-Sports have blessed me far more than I ever imagined.

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