The Exceptional Sports Academy

Coach-to-child ratio

The coach-to-child ratio at any session is typically 1:1. Through the program, each individual involved becomes a catalyst for change.

Personal Training Plan

Exceptional Sports creates a personal training plan for each athlete based on their own needs including a task analysis to track the progress.


For 8 kids enrolled we offer 1 scholarship. For 10 kids enrolled we offer 2 scholarships.

(For 3-month football only).

The Exceptional Sports Academy
is the only Sports Development program that mainly focuses its efforts in the progression, development, & growth of Exceptional Athletes.
Please contact us for the time and venue for our sessions, since there might be changes ones in a while. Most of our sessions will be holding at the Sport Complex “Sparta”, in Mandaluyong.
For more Infos contact:
Paolo Enrile: / 0926 009 7112
Exceptional Academy

Join Us!

Enrollment for 2019! Please choose from:

Football Academy:
ONE Month Enrollment
(8 sessions - trial month)

Exceptional Sports Academy

Football Academy:
THREE Month Enrollment
(24 sessions - seasonal enrollment)

Exceptional Sports Academy

Football Academy:
SIX Month Enrollment
(48 sessions - Full enrollment)

Foot Ball Academy

Fitness Academy:
1 Session a week
(8 Sessions)

Exceptional Sports Academy


Football Academy is available in 3-6 months subscription.

Schedules for SPARTA Mandaluyong:1 Month Trial Enrollment (incl. 1 free session)
DaysTuesdays & Thursdays
Schedules for SPARTA Mandaluyong:3 Month Enrollment
DaysTuesdays & Thursdays
Schedules for SPARTA Mandaluyong:6 month Enrollment
DaysTuesdays & Thursdays


Fitness Academy is available in 8 weeks subscription.

Schedules for SPARTA Mandaluyong:8 Session Academy

If you sign up 2 kids, you will get a discount of 30 percent for the 2nd kid.

Exceptional Sports Scholarship Program

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