Our Exceptional Sports Community Outreach Programs

Event Dates for 2019 will be available soon.

At our events, we are inviting kids with different disabilities, starting with the age of 5 years and up.

The volunteer to child ratio will be 1:1 to encourage the best learning and focus on the activities.

Buddy System or BIG BROTHER / BIG SISTER relationships!

Each drill is comprised of a number of small groups. Within each group, 8-10 kids participating together alongside each other, a group is run by a head coach with several assisting coaches and volunteer .

We include different kind of sports in our events: the basics of football, basketball, volleyball, fitness, hand-eye/ foot eye coordinations and a lot of fun games!

We also encourage parents to be apart of the every child’s time/ activity to insure a trust building with volunteer, other parents and as well the E-SPORTS family.

For further questions please call or message: 0917 316 6373

Some rules to be followed:

  1. Please make sure to be there 30 min before the event starts.
  2. Dear Parents, please note:
      1. Entrance fee for each child will be 50 Pesos/ Volunteers free
      2. We just have limited slots for the kids – “first come, first serve”
      3. Walk ins (without registration) can’t be accepted
      4. Let us be fair. If you signed up, but you can’t make – please let us know ahead. Then we give your slot to another child.
      5. Call or message 0917 316 6373 for more questions

Please Note:

Volunteer Responsibility

The role of the volunteer is to aid the head coach in ensuring
that each session runs smoothly. In particular they must:

    • Be responsible for what is happening on
      the sidelines during games.
    • Help supervise the children to make sure
      they are performing the drills properly.
    • Participate in the drills in the instances
      that coaches are included in the drills.
    • Ensuring that children are always occupied
      during the drills. (E.g. keeping children occupied
      while waiting inlines by having them cheer
      the other children etc).
    • Making sure there is a smooth transition
      between drills (e.g. beginning to setup the
      following drill while the present drill is winding down).
    • Ensuring that every child understands the
      head coaches instructions (e.g. where to
      go, how to perform a drill etc).
    • Ensuring that during breaks and at the end
      of the sessions, the children safely
      get to their parents.
    • Providing 1-on-1 help to the children with special
      needs that require individual help.
    • HAVE FUN!!!!!!