6 Month Enrollment – 48 Sessions (Full Enrollment)

This package is the most intensive program that can be offered to athletes where you get the full experience of being an EXCEPTIONAL ATHLETE where coaches and paired athlete push each other for 6 months to reach the goals set. Gaining positive progression in mental, emotional, social, & physical development.

In both 3 month & 6 month package the Academy will hold a family fun day with both athletes and parents spend a day playing their favorite sports as well as showcasing their new talents to both Academy Coaches & Family members.
(This allows the Academy to learn and grow with both athletes and their families in order for us to fully provide an all inclusive experience)

(Exceptional Sports believes in the importance of NOT RUSHING the process it is a marathon not a race and each athlete has their own way of coping and progressing).

For more Infos please contact:
Paolo Enrile: 0926 009 7112


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